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Our path to homesteading has been a series of baby steps, each directed toward our idea as to what life should look like, what food should look like, what success should look like; with a promise to trust ourselves, to see progress in perhaps a different light and chase it one system at a time.  

It's like walking backwards. It’s tracing back the steps of a skill to the source. If I could learn to knit, could I learn to make yarn, could I raise the animals that produce the fiber, could I grow the food that the fiber animals ate? And the path continues, backwards towards the source of sustenance until you eliminate any outside reliance, and that is powerful. 

My Book

In 2017 I published Epic Eggs, The Poultry Enthusiasts Guide to the Most Perfect Food.  In my book you will find everything you need to raise chickens that lay the most beautiful, colorful, delicious eggs! Available on Amazon and bookstores nationwide.



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