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Spring Homestead Morning Routine in Photos

My day usually starts around 7:30. Our dog Oliver wakes me up because he has to go potty. I get up, let him out and start the kettle on the stove for coffee while he's out doing his business.

When he comes in, I feed him and give him fresh water. He's very particular about his water and prefers to drink from the bathtub faucet. But if no one is around to turn it on, he will lower his standards and drink from his bowl, bless his heart.

My daughter isn't usually up for a while, so I take some time to read the bible and enjoy my coffee. I also like to watch the birds in the morning and submit an e-bird observation.

When Evelyn comes down, we have morning story and cuddle time. We usually read through a few picture books in the morning, and in the evening, Zach reads a chapter from the Little House books.

After story time, we go upstairs to get dressed. I usually take a bath at night because most days I am thoroughly dirty from the day's work and don't like to get into bed unless I'm clean. We hang up our nightgowns in the bathroom for the night to come.

Most days I make the bed. It bother's all day if I don't. It's like a nagging voice in the back of my mind that I left something undone. And plus...I love the feeling of getting into a tidy bed the following evening.

Evelyn is getting old enough to where she can help make her bed too. She's starting to appreciate contributing to the household. It gives her confidence and a sense of importance.

After beds are made and we're dressed, hair and teeth brushed, chore time starts. I start with the indoor chicks in the brooder. I top off their food, and freshen the water. As cute as they are when they're little, I can't WAIT until they can go outside. I'm not a fan of chickens in the house.

Then I top off the water in the humidity chambers in the incubators.

And water the veggies growing under the grow-lights.

After this I head to the kitchen to get the milking supplies together. (Click here for a more detailed look at our Goat Milking Routine.)

The goats get milked and they get their grain ration, fresh water and mineral and hay if they need it.

I bring the milk in, strain it and get it into the fridge and head back outside to take care of the chickens.

The teenagers are in the grow out coop, so I refresh their water, top off the feeder, check the grit feeder and open the door to the run.

The big chickens also get fresh water, feed, grit and calcium if needed. I open the door to let them out to the run. I usually collect eggs in the evening as our chickens don't lay until the afternoon.

The chickens also get their supplements in the morning which I will explain in detail in a future post.

I also like to feed the wild birds at this time. I keep a container of birdseed and supplies on our covered porch. The platform feeders each get a scoop of seeds and meal worms with calcium.

I add grape jelly and oranges to my Oriole feeder.

And I put out a corn cob to keep the squirrels and Blue Jays happy.

I am also managing three bluebird houses this year and reporting my findings to the North American Bluebird Society. So if it's a day to do a box inspection, I do this now.

No eggs yet!

Back in the house, I wash up and it's time for more coffee and for us humans to eat. Today it's fried eggs and toasted sour dough bread. We usually eat breakfast around 10:00.

I clean up the kitchen from the breakfast dishes and the milk supplies.

And get the laundry cycle going.

Then we start our home school routine. My daughter is only 3.5 so we keep it short and fun. She does follow a preschool curriculum from The Good and the Beautiful, and I add fun things to supplement.

After "formal school" we go for our Nature Walk. We walk to the back of our property where the wood-line is, and try to see interesting things to add to our Nature Journals. We do this most days. I try to get outside with Evelyn even if it's cold or raining. We bundle up and get our umbrellas or rain coats if needed, and see what nature is up to.

Today we found a Tree Frog!

When we returned to the house we looked up information on tree frogs and added our entry to our Nature Journal. I try to get as much information from paper books, but we do sometimes watch videos or look at pictures on the web.

By now it's getting to be lunch time and I'm going to make homemade cream-of-tomato soup with canned tomatoes and bone broth and grilled cheese on sour dough.

After lunch, I usually work on a large project, like making bread, writing a blog, spinning or getting things prepped for dinner.

Hope you enjoyed spending a morning with us at Iron Oak Farm!

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