• Jennifer Sartell

Homeschool: 4th of July, Birdseed Confetti Blasters

Warning: do not aim these blasters at the eyes or face. Do not fire them short range (it can kinda sting). Use with adult supervision.

My daughter and I make these every 4th of July! We like to blast them in the yard when Zach lights off a few backyard fireworks. They're fun to use and they feed the birds! These blasters are realistically a slingshot for confetti. You can decorate them for birthday parties, gender reveal parties or other holidays or events.

You will need:

1. Start by decorating the exterior of your cardboard tube. We use these Tempera Paint Sticks! They are SO COOL to use! We use them all the time in our homeschool projects. I might write a future post just highlighting these paint sticks. They dry almost instantly, are really saturated and are easy for little hands to use! They're also really low mess.

2. Tie a knot in your balloon opening. This will be your handle.

3. Cut the tip of your balloon off (approximately the same size as the paper tube, doesn't have to be exact)

4. About 1/2 inch from the bottom of the tube, run a bead of hot glue. You might have to do this in segments depending on how fast your glue dries. Then glue the cut end of the balloon all the way around.

5. Fill with about a Tbsp of birdseed, pull back the knot and let it fly!!!

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