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Crochet Sunflower Trivet

The sunflower is my favorite flower. Our field of sunflowers are just starting to open. For those of you who are local, we will begin U-Pick this weekend! Come watch the sunset in our sunflower field and take some flowers home with you! Check our Facebook Page (Misty Meadow Lavender/Iron Oak Farm) for daily blooming updates!

Sunflower head

U-Pick sunflower sign

Crochet sunflower and coasters

I made this sunflower trivet and coasters for my Mother-in-law for her birthday. Now that the gift has been given, I'd like to share the pattern with you. I found a photo and the promise of a pattern to somthing similar on Pinterest, but when I clicked the link, the page didn't work. I had to sort of invent this pattern myself, but it worked and looks very close to the Pinterest image.

To make this trivet you need some very basic crochet knowledge. You need to know how to make a slip knot, how to single crochet, and how to change colors of yarn. Also, basic hand sewing is required.

The Petals

I'm using:

Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Medium Weight #4 yarn in Mustard #128

Hook: G/6 4.25mm crochet hook.

crochet sunflower petals

You will need 18+ petals for a single layer (I did a double layer, but I wouldn't in the future.) depending on how large you make the center. The below photos are for a daisy I'm making with the same pattern.

1. Begin by making a slip knot.

slip knot yarn

2. Then chain 10 stitches.

chain stitch crochet

3. In the second chain from hook, work back 8 stitches single crochet in every one.

second chain from hook crochet

4. On the 9th (last stitch) crochet 5 stitches.


This creates the rounded bottom of the petal.

6. Then continue crocheting up the back of the chain. The back stitches present themselves as X's, insert the needle under the X (shown by my thumbnail.


7. When you get to the tip of the petal, chain 2.


8. In the chain, single crochet the in the second stitch from the hook. This creates the pointed tip of the petal.


9. Then attach the tip by single crocheting in the first stitch at the left side of the petal.


Continue single crocheting in every stitch all the way around the petal.

crochet sunflower

When you reach the tip, repeat steps 7, 8, & 9

crochet sunflower

crochet sunflower

crochet sunflower

Continue single crocheting in every stitch till you reach the bottom of the petal. tie off and you're done!

crochet sunflower

The Center Rounds

The center consists of two groups of rounds a smaller, tighter inner, and a larger outer. The center is separated by a ring of realistic fringe fiber.

To learn how to crochet in rounds, I found that this video on You Tube was very helpful. How to Single Crochet in Rounds

crochet sunflower diy

If you look at a sunflower, the center is usually a tight circular cluster of small dark seeds. I accomplished this look by beginning the rounds with a thin, dark brown yarn and a smaller crochet hook.

Yarn: Bernat Super Value Yarn, 7 oz, Gauge 4 Medium Worsted, Chocolate

Hook: F/5 3.75mm crochet hook

Crochet 3-4 rows of rounds

Then I switched to a bulkier yarn in a heather striped pattern. I felt this yarn was reminiscent of the stripe and texture of some sunflower seeds. The pattern of the single crochet resembles sunflower seeds nestled and packed in the flower head.

Yarn: Lion Brand, Wool Ease #6 super bulky in color: Sequoia

Hook: I/9 5.50mm crochet hook

Attach yarn and continue the rounds with the bulkier yarn. 6-8 rows.

The Fuzzy Ring

To make the sunflower center look even more realistic, I stitched a fringe yarn around the center circle. Sunflowers often have a fibrous texture in this area of the head. I used a large darning needle and stitched in and out pulling the fringe fibers to straighten them.

Yarn: Lion Brand Yarn Go for Faux Bulky Yarn, Black Panther

Putting it Together

diy crochet sunflower pattern

I ironed each petal and the center on wool setting and steam for about 4 seconds to flatten the shapes.

Then I pinned the petals to the back of the center round. I hand stitched the petals on using a needle and thread.

crochet sunflower pattern

Then I used a small amount of wool stuffing and pinned on a circle of felt backing. This hid all the loose tails of the petal tie offs. And hand stitched the felt on.

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